• Your Trade Investment Optimized!

    What would a 3%-5% Return on your trade investment mean to your company?

  • Our customers were in your shoes

    Whether your goal is a better understanding of your business, better organization and use of your data, better decision making that leads to better results, or better collaboration with retail partners, you have a partner to achieve better together.

  • Make every decision matter

    Trade promotion optimization is a move to transform the insights and outcomes of your trade investment and retail partnerships. But where do you get started?

Why now? Why T-Pro?

As a Consumer Goods Manufacturer or Retailer, you know there is a greater necessity today to have the intelligence to navigate change for sustainable success. As your partner in Trade Promotion Optimization, we empower your organization with a proven path to transformational insights and predictive intelligence to drive your business.

  • 100

    years of industry experience

  • 5



    in trade spend with T-Pro

  • 12

    return on investment

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You are not the only one wondering how things could be different.

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