Data Harmonization & Analysis

According to POI over 70% of CPG companies are unsatisfied with their ability to manage their trade investment. We believe that fixing this starts with automating data management and applying AI during post-event analysis to see accurate, timely, quantifiable results.

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Data Harmonization

Baseline Accuracy

Master Calendar

Create a holistic view of your trade promotion performance.

T-Pro’s data harmonization and cleansing brings together POS consumption, shipment and spending data into a single intelligence center. This capability is the catalyst for the machine learning engine that drives more accurate and efficient post-event analysis with quantifiable ROI and KPIs.

Key benefits:

  • Elimination of error-prone manual spreadsheets
  • Centralized intelligence (POS, shipment, spending)
  • Real-time data integration and visibility

Depend on the accurate to drive the intelligent.

Stop wondering what went wrong after it is too late to do anything about it.

Instead of trusting a single syndicated baseline, you can depend on smoothed 4, 6, 8, 13, 26 or 52-week baselines for accurate analysis.

This allows you to evaluate performance more closely during volatile periods, while still having the 30,000-foot view to monitor overall program health.

Key benefits:

  • AI-enabled machine learning smooths baselines in real-time to reflect most accurate harmonized data
  • Baselines automatically update every 4 weeks
  • Imported baselines can be overlayed and reviewed
  • Alert mechanism to identify baselines out of predetermined thresholds

Measure the actual to create the possible

Centralized visualization of promoted and non-promoted volume and pricing trends make T-Pro’s Master Calendar an intelligence hub for post-event analysis.

Event details and performance metrics including quantified ROI are literally a click away.

Automate or manually align planned vs actual promotions and account for data anomalies immediately prompting AI-engine to recalculate KPIs, reconfigure baselines and lift co-efficients.

Quantify your promotional performance and see the impact of competitor promotions and consumer marketing events to crate an overall picture of promotional health.

Key benefits:

  • Graphic view of promoted and non-promoted weeks
  • Promotional alignment capability
  • Consumer marketing and competitor event overlays
  • Real-time AI-driven KPI analysis and lift co-efficient calculations

“After one year of utilizing the T-Pro Analytics solution we were able to reduce the time it took analyze trade spending at the end of each quarter by 15%, enabling us more quality time for analysis prior to submitting results to senior management.”

Senior Manager Global Revenue Management

What if you could know more about your trade investment performance? Watch to see how you can!

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