We are honored to work with innovative CPG manufacturers committed to analytics-driven decision making for measurable and sustainable growth.

See how one manufacturer is using T-Pro for an annual 2% improvement in net revenues.

“T-Pro has been excellent to work with. Their team is responsive as we transition from our old systems to the new, optimized solution."
- VP of Consumer Brands

"T-Pro has become a core component of our work. T-Pro provides us with a deeper level of visibility to our promotional events which allows us to make better investment decisions for both our retail partners and for our customer teams."
- VP of Strategic Planning and Commercialization

"The thing that separated T-Pro for us was and that was most helpful in improving our overall profitability is their optimization feature. The usability of this tool stands above what we have seen in the industry."
- Director of Finance

"These are some of the best tools I have even seen."
- VP of Sales

"I’ve been working in Sales for 20+ years and T-Pro has got to be one of the top Trade planning tools I’ve ever used."
- Albertson’s Safeway Business Manager

"After one year of utilizing the T-Pro Analytics solution we were able to significantly reduce the time it took analyze trade spending at the end of each quarter, enabling us more quality time for analysis prior to submitting results to senior management."
- Sr. Manager, Global Revenue Management

"After double checking our promotional offers vs our price survey on the promotions T-Pro flagged as “not aligned” it appears that these promotions never ran and would be missed before using T-Pro."
- EVP Sales

"After only the first full planning year utilizing T-Pro, we realized a 16 basis point improvement in our trade promotion ROI."
- Manager Trade Promotions and Demand Planning

"Based on multiple demos with the solution, we believe that most anybody could learn the solution and begin using it in less than half a day."
- Promotion Optimization Institute

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  • Background:

    2013 was the first full year that this client had access to the rich trade promotion intelligence residing in the T-Pro Analytics SaaS platform. In prior years the analytic team responsible for evaluating promotion efficiency and effectiveness only could analyze the top 5 customers nationally, due to the manual intensiveness of compiling the different silos of business intelligence.

  • Result:

    T-Pro provided real-time access to shipment, spending, accurate COG’s and POS data (both client / competitive) for 125 customers, representing 85% of their annual volume / profit. Tightly integrated intelligence silos in T-Pro resulted in moving from an average of -17% ROI on the annual trade spend in 2011 and 2012, to breakeven ROI in 2013 resulting in a $1.2mm profit increase to the company.

CASE STUDY 2: MASTER CALENDAR – $33,000 Profit from One Change to One Promotion

  • Background:

    This client was not seeing a return on investment with a $1.99 temporary price reduction (TPR) at a specific retailer because they were unable to accurately predict volume and pricing.

  • Result:

    T-Pro’s Master Calendar function revealed a minimal return at this price. T-Pro’s predictive analytic capability showed that the incremental volume would not be materially different at $2.19 compared to the current $1.99 retail. Running 4 of these events per year vs. the $1.99 price resulted in 90% of the incremental volume and increased incremental profit per event by $5,500. The client utilized this rich real-time intelligence to present a collaborative solution that recommended running 6 of these $2.19 TPR’s per year thus resulting a win-win solution for both trading partners. The client realized an incremental $33,000 in profit while generating a 7% incremental volume increase. The retailer’s profit increased by $21,000 while maintaining their annual category volume.


  • Background:

    A top 5 retailer for this client hybrid EDLP program was analyzed utilizing T-Pro analytics. A review of the manufacturer’s retail strategy with this customer was warranted to ensure efficient trade investment was being achieved.

  • Result:

    The analysis demonstrated that a 10% decrease in the EDLP price point for this brand with no additional allowance and an incremental promotion investment, projected $1,000,000+ in incremental annual dollar revenue and returned an additional $150,000 in gross profit. The retailer’s gross margin % decreased slightly on this brand, but increased category revenue over $500,000 and category profit $50,000.

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