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  • 2017 Roundup: Best Blogs

    Our top blogs of 2017: Finance, C-level and Trade Marketing

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  • What To Do With Your Trade Investment Amidst the Retail Apocalypse

    Notable changes in the retail landscape, such as Target’s store closures and the decision by UK retailer, Waitrose, to halt new store developments, don’t mean that manufacturers should begin to cut trade investment as a trickle-down effect without understanding how it will impact the business. What it does mean is that there is new opportunity to step back and reconsider how trade investment fits into the larger picture of the business.

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  • Come Together: How Trade Promotion Optimization Unites People and Processes

    Two of the biggest sources of contention within CPG companies revolve around internal competing views of business health and miscommunication between manufacturer and retailer. Due to redundant manual data entries in Excel spreadsheets and lack of visibility into one database, separate departments have different ideas on how to approach future planning. Similarly, without quantified predictions of retailer KPIs and post-event analysis showing promotion execution, retailers are hesitant to alter plans from last year and are also reluctant to trust a manufacturer based on uncalculated risk.

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