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  • Featured From the Partnering Group: Trade Management Excellence

    TRADE SPEND MANAGEMENT is one of the more intricate business activities for product marketers, as it intersects with the sales and account management process and has a highly significant impact on profitability.

    This eBook is intended as a guide for professionals who sweat the details of Trade Management every day. It’s deliberately high-level, but it provides a framework for self-examination and improvement.

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  • To Find Margin Points, CPG Executives Must Prioritize New Opportunity and Measurable Improvement

    Nowhere is this opportunity more present than in the large investment in trade promotions accounting for upwards of 20%+ of annual revenue for most CPG companies. Despite this large investment and a surplus of usable data to inform decision making, companies are slow to prioritize investment improvements.

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  • CPG CAGNY Announcements Balance Risk and Reward in the Hopes of Spurring Growth

    This year’s CAGNY presenters undoubtedly recognize the uncharted potential that comes with changes in consumer buying habits, availability of emerging buying channels, and the benefits of product innovation. As finance professionals are asked to guide organizational investments toward profitability, it becomes more imperative to be empowered with the ability to offset risk with data-driven decisions that can optimize opportunity.

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  • What CPG Companies Can Learn from Wayfair’s 3D Modeling Feature

    Like Wayfair turning consumers into designers, predictive and prescriptive analytics shift sales planning to sales strategizing by empowering users to see the full picture of their trade investment. With powerful predictive modeling, companies not only see their performance in real-time, but also have the confidence to create future plans that they know will work and will improve the return on their #2 line item.

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