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  • Quantifying the Cost of the Status Quo

    You can’t measure what you can’t see and many CPG companies find themselves struggling to measure and quantify promotional results. This stems from companies being blinded by running the same plans year after year and failing to see the ineffectiveness of their trade promotion investment and the organizational cost of investing in optimization tools designed to maximize that investment.

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  • The Logical Step You Need to be Taking in Your Trade Planning

    Many companies scramble to make successful changes to trade planning that affect business performance without the necessary insight and flexibility provided by predictive analytics. However, by simplifying the trade planning process using analytical insight and predictive modeling, companies can make more accurate, objective-focused decisions on their #2 line item cost.

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  • The Importance of Leadership Driven Analytics

    It will take a company-wide technological commitment, led by executives, for this year to be different than the planning guessing game in the past. Providing teams with a clear focus and the necessary data-backed decision-making capabilities will allow the C-suite to ensure that their teams will drive the quantified results to sustain growth instead of arriving at next year’s sales and planning meeting with the same missed volume and profit targets.

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