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  • Are CPG Manufacturers’ Insights Being Left in the Grocery Store Parking Lot?

    Retail moguls have successfully gained access to historical, real-time and predictive shopper data which allows them to conduct strategical marketing initiatives to better manage revenue. For manufacturers who lack their own analytical and predictive capabilities, this means widening the joint business planning gap between supplier and retailer. While retailers are gleaning insights from their data to navigate the changing tides of the industry, manufacturers who remain working on spreadsheets will continue to struggle with finding leverage when working with retail partners.

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  • 5 Ways CPG Companies Can Manage Change When New Technology Initiatives Ask People to Think Differently

    Transitioning from a transactional to analytical mindset is a big, albeit important, step in today’s CPG companies. It will only be successful if trade employees are guided and supported by C-level leadership throughout the transformation. A failure to do so means a failure to keep pace with innovation and realize profitable business growth.

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  • Budgeting Boomerang: How today’s CPG leaders are using analytics to return more from their trade promotion investment

    All it takes is one glance through the business section of any news site or newspaper to see that the Consumer Goods and Retail sectors are in transition. Couple this with the increased pressure from traditional retail trading partners to slice prices in the name of staying competitive -with discount retailers like Aldi and Lidl with their limited SKU distribution, and CPG manufacturers find themselves losing footing in a once stable marketplace.

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