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  • Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods Provides Unchartered Collaboration Opportunity for Manufacturers and Retailers

    What started out as whispers of the potential impact Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods will have on the grocery market, has quickly turned to screams from shareholder’s from the largest retailers to respond to the inevitable shift in the way consumers shop. For better or worse is yet to be determined, but the inevitable changes that are anticipated with Amazon expanding into the retail brick-and-mortar space mean that both manufacturer and retailer will need make changes to survive.

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  • Why Confusion Between TPO and TPM is Causing Your Business Less Success

    With good reason, CPG companies are turning to technology to improve the management and performance of their trade investment. Simply relying on the manual compiling and analysis of data is error-prone and ineffective. Even when done on spreadsheets or with custom calculators, processes are often redundant, non-repeatable, and unfortunately inaccurate.

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  • Advancing Your Business with Analytics

    By now, finance professionals have recognized the growing importance of data to their business. However, recognizing this is not a big enough step to advocate for any real change or see any results. The reality is data needs to be combined with advanced analytics to see results.

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