The predictive analytics portion of our comprehensive trade promotion optimization offering has produced some significant quantified return to our clients.

Hear from one of our clients:


  • Background: 2013 was the first full year that this client had access to the rich trade promotion intelligence residing in the T-Pro Analytics SaaS platform. In prior years the analytic team responsible for evaluating promotion efficiency and effectiveness only could analyze the top 5 customers nationally, due to the manual intensiveness of compiling the different silos of business intelligence.
  • Result: T-Pro provided real-time access to shipment, spending, accurate COG’s and POS data (both client / competitive) for 125 customers, representing 85% of their annual volume / profit. Tightly integrated intelligence silos in T-Pro resulted in moving from an average of -17% ROI on the annual trade spend in 2011 and 2012, to breakeven ROI in 2013 resulting in a $1.2mm profit increase to the company.

CASE STUDY 2: MASTER CALENDAR – Win-Win Profit, $33,000

  • Background: This client was not seeing a return on investment with a $1.99 temporary price reduction (TPR) at a specific retailer because they were unable to accurately predict volume and pricing.
  • Result: T-Pro’s Master Calendar function revealed a minimal return at this price. T-Pro’s predictive analytic capability showed that the incremental volume would not be materially different at $2.19 compared to the current $1.99 retail. Running 4 of these events per year vs. the $1.99 price resulted in 90% of the incremental volume and increased incremental profit per event by $5,500. The client utilized this rich real-time intelligence to present a collaborative solution that recommended running 6 of these $2.19 TPR’s per year thus resulting a win-win solution for both trading partners. The client realized an incremental $33,000 in profit while generating a 7% incremental volume increase. The retailer’s profit increased by $21,000 while maintaining their annual category volume.

CASE STUDY 3: PREDICTIVE OUTCOMES – Saved $80,000 in Trade Funds

  • Background: A Top 5 “every day low price” (EDLP) retailer requested an additional temporary price reduction (TPR) event from the client that would require an additional trade investment of $80,000.
  • Result: T-Pro Analytics software revealed that there was a small incremental volume gain of 5%, but a $5,000 loss of profit to the manufacturer. The client utilized the analytical output from T-Pro to collaboratively present the outcome to the customer and was not pressured to run the incremental event saving $80,000 in trade funds and $5,000 in profit.


  • Background: A top 5 retailer for this client hybrid EDLP program was analyzed utilizing T-Pro analytics. A review of the manufacturer’s retail strategy with this customer was warranted to ensure efficient trade investment was being achieved.
  • Result: The analysis demonstrated that a 10% decrease in the EDLP price point for this brand with no additional allowance and an incremental promotion investment, projected $1,000,000+ in incremental annual dollar revenue and returned an additional $150,000 in gross profit. The retailer’s gross margin % decreased slightly on this brand, but increased category revenue over $500,000 and category profit $50,000.