Columbus, OH & Charlotte, NC – With a commitment to category growth through improving relationships with their retail partners, Snyder’s-Lance is ushering in better data-driven joint business planning opportunities with the implementation of T-Pro Solutions Trade Promotion Optimization Solution (TPO).

Mike Downey, VP of Strategic Planning and Commercialization at Snyder’s-Lance said “As we continue to expand our trade promotion optimization capabilities, T-Pro has become a core component of our work.   T-Pro provides us with a deeper level of visibility to our promotional events which allows us to make better investment decisions for both our retail partners and for our customer teams.  The T-Pro team has been a great partner in getting our organization up and running and we look forward to working with them to accelerate our capability.”

T-Pro Optimum® provides a single promotion and pricing intelligence center that will generate accurate baselines to evaluate post-promotion results in real time. In addition, T-Pro provides a seamless planning solution to generate an optimal business plan for Snyder-Lance’s retail trading partners. The insights gained from these capabilities will open the door to positive category impact and mutually beneficial results. Furthermore, this initiative aligns with Snyder’s-Lance’s published corporate objectives of improving trade spend productivity and effectiveness.

The Snyder’s-Lance and T-Pro teams, excited to see the impact created with these powerful capabilities, have rolled out T-Pro Optimum® in less than 8 weeks.

“We wanted the insights of an experienced team who clearly had learned from and grew from working with a strong group of clients. In T-Pro we found this partner and a solution that was intuitive and pragmatic in addressing our needs,” says Nikhil Sawant, CIO of Snyder’s-Lance.

T-Pro Solutions is honored to be working with Snyder’s-Lance with its commitment to industry-leading analytics-driven growth. “We take pride in working with a professional organization dedicated to taking their learnings to improve both their own growth and the health of their retail partners. The ability to save time with improved processes and costs with improved intelligence while minimizing the strain on IT and other internal resources positions Snyder’s-Lance and our existing family of clients for annuitized results,” states T-Pro President, Wayne Spencer.

With T-Pro Optimum®, customers can now take their accurate baselines and reliable insights and build a trade promotion strategy that aligns with revenue management goals. Given the power to define growth and pattern expectations, companies can more accurately plan for optimal results. T-Pro Optimum® is the first ever predictive planning software to utilize future baseline planning, rather than focusing on the past.

About Snyder’s-Lance – Snyder’s-Lance, Inc., headquartered in Charlotte, NC, manufactures and markets snack foods throughout the United States and internationally. Snyder’s-Lance’s products include pretzels, sandwich crackers, pretzel crackers, potato chips, cookies, tortilla chips, restaurant style crackers, popcorn, nuts and other snacks. Products are sold under the Snyder’s of Hanover®, Lance®, Kettle Brand®, KETTLE® Chips, Cape Cod®, Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps®, Pop Secret®, Emerald®, Late July®, Krunchers! ®, Tom’s®, Archway®, Jays®, Stella D’oro®, Eatsmart Snacks™, O-Ke-Doke®, Metcalfe’s skinny®, and other brand names along with a number of third party brands. Products are distributed nationally through grocery and mass merchandisers, convenience stores, club stores, food service outlets and other channels. For more information, visit the Company’s corporate web site: LNCE-E

About T-Pro Solutions® – T-Pro Solutions®, Inc. empowers CPG Manufacturers to optimize their trade promotions spending through integrating data silos for real-time KPI analysis and applying predictive analytics for accurate calendar-based scenario planning. For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit or contact Matt Shachter, Director of Marketing, at 614-394-8091.

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