Columbus, OH – T-Pro Solutions is excited to announce the release of T-Pro Optimum, an optimization enhancement to their T-Pro Analytics post-event and predictive analytics solution simplifying trade promotion planning with powerful constraint-based and prescriptive capabilities. Consumer Goods Trade Marketing and Sales teams can now optimize for profit, revenue, or volume over a single event, across an entire plan, for a specific product group, or with a single customer. Manufacturers using T-Pro Optimum will benefit from the ability to:

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  • Create a library of optimized what-if scenarios with quantified manufacturer and retailer ROI and KPIs.
  • Maximize every promotional event with Optimum’s Opportunity Finder assisting planners to identify the best event, combination of events, customer and/or time within user-defined budget and situational constraints.
  • Optimize customer and annual plans using constraint-based modeling to identify the optimal promotional mix with optimal results.
  • Monitor the future health of your trade investment to see the impact of future promotional events.

T-Pro Optimum uses forecasted volume by customer, to recommend the most relevant promotional mix to optimize for incremental revenue, brand share or increased profit. All promotion scenarios are completely customizable based on volume, profit, revenue, and constraints (manufacturer and retailer) a company would like to take into account.

“Rather than endless trial and error, T-Pro Optimum runs through all merchandising possibilities in minutes to achieve a specific goal,” according to John Weller, Chief Knowledge Officer at T-Pro Solutions.

T-Pro Analytics is known for accurate post-event analysis and insightful predictive planning capabilities. With T-Pro Optimum, customers can now take their accurate baselines and reliable insights and build a trade promotion strategy that aligns with revenue management goals. Given the power to define growth and pattern expectations, companies can more accurately plan for optimal results. T-Pro Optimum is the first ever predictive pre-analysis software to utilize future baseline planning, rather than focusing on the past. This gives companies the ability to know how one change to one promotion for one customer can impact their business.

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 About T-Pro Solutions: T-Pro Solutions empowers CPG Manufacturers to optimize their trade promotions spending through integrating data silos for real-time KPI analysis and applying predictive analytics for accurate calendar-based scenario planning. For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit or contact Matt Shachter, Director of Marketing, at 614-396-8091.