Undergraduate students at St. Joseph’s University will be introduced to T-Pro Solutions’ practical application of data mining and analytics in the Introduction to Data Mining course.

PHILADELPHIA, PA & NEW ALBANY, OH (January 7, 2015)—St. Joseph’s University is proud to announce that T-Pro Solutions, a leading CPG trade promotion software company, will be incorporating their analytics software in the St. Joseph’s University undergraduate curriculum in the Spring 2015 semester. T-Pro Solutions’ practical application of data mining and analytics will be utilized in the Introduction to Data Mining course, instructed by Dr. Ron Klimberg.

The data mining course is required by SJU’s undergraduate Business Intelligence/Business Analytics (BI/BA) majors and minors. As part of this course is the Analytics Cup. The Analytics Cup is an experiential learning experience in which student teams will be given a real-world BI/BA decision problem using state of the art software. Several teams will extend the concepts of data mining to an exploration of the T-Pro Solutions’ Data Mining toolset on a large live dataset. In this course, students are expected to find the patterns in the data and to prepare reports and presentations covering the implications of their results. At the end of the semester, student teams will present their results to a panel of experts.

“The opportunity to use state-of-the-art software such as T-PRO Analytics and apply the software to a real world BI/BA situation provides the students with a superior learning experience to improve their problem-solving skills and subsequently will lead to better job offers.”-Dr. Ron Klimberg, St. Joseph’s University.

“We feel our practical application of data mining and analytics will serve as a valuable resource to the St. Joseph’s University curriculum. The St. Joe’s student’s exposure to the T-Pro Analytics predictive analytics software, will help them enter the business world with the practical experience necessary to succeed upon graduation.”-Wayne Spencer, President T-Pro Solutions, Inc.

About T-Pro Solutions

T-Pro Solutions provides CPG clients accurate, real-time information by integrating TPM data into a user-friendly dashboard for planning, forecasting and predictive analytics. T-Pro Analytics is a cloud-based SaaS solution. By combining CPG intelligence silos, clients can optimize promotional ROI in real-time. T-Pro Analytics can be implemented in a few months, is easy to use, and is affordable. T-Pro Solutions is based in Columbus, Ohio. To learn more about T-Pro Solutions and sign up for an in-depth T-Pro Analytics trade management optimization software demonstration, visit www.t-prosolutions.com or email info@t-ProSolutions.com

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