T-Pro Solutions named “Best for Collaborative Optimization Approach” at the Promotion Optimization Institute’s (POI) “TPO Challenge II”: How to Turn Trade Promotion Data into Actionable Insights Held at the 2014 POI Spring Summit, April 6-8 in Chicago, IL

The “TPO Challenge” included solution vendor participants showcasing their capabilities around trade promotion forecast accuracy and other TPO success metrics.

Chicago, Illinois (PRWeb), Friday, April 18th, 2014: T-Pro Solutions, a leading CPG trade promotion software company, took part in the “TPO Challenge II” competition. It was held at the POI’s Spring Summit in Chicago on April 8, 2014. T-Pro Solutions provides CPG clients with T-Pro Analytics cloud-based SaaS to combine predictive analytics and optimization.

The “TPO Challenge II” builds widespread awareness and understanding for CPG and Retailer attendees. It provides POI solution provider vendor participants an opportunity to compete and showcase their capabilities around a simulated Trade Promotion case study problem. The competition realigns the focus of trading partners across sales, marketing, merchandising, finance, and supply chain to look at optimizing promotional outcomes.

During the competition five vendor participants are each given a data set from a masked CPG company that consists of: two product groups, three products, two years of historical data, one current promotion at retail, weekly shipments, weekly consumption, historical calendar, and syndicated ACV. The participants were then judged on forecasting, approach, optimization and plan by a panel of judges. The judges determined that T-Pro stood out as the “Best for Collaborative Optimization Approach”.

T-Pro ran a real-time demonstration for the POI Challenge audience, first examining the sales history as outlined in the data. The data for the challenge set an everyday price of $2.96. When the product price was discounted to $1.67, the ROI was not acceptable because the deep discount eroded profit. “When the price was set at two for $4 with ad display support, once the merchandising fee was factored in, the ROI came in at – 22.9 even with the higher price,” said John Weller, T-Pro’s Chief Knowledge officer.

Weller ran a promotional schedule that consisted of several two-for-$4 deals spread throughout the year. The results showed increased revenue, but this was offset because the trade-marketing budget was exceeded. A new schedule, replacing the several of the two-for 4 deals with TPR’s at $2.19, yielded similar results with promotional expenses below budget with a positive return on the customer plan from both a manufacturer and retailer perspective.


About T-Pro Solutions

T-Pro Solutions provides CPG clients accurate, real-time information by integrating TPM data into a user-friendly dashboard for planning, forecasting and predictive analytics. T-Pro Analytics is a cloud-based SaaS solution. By combining CPG intelligence silos clients can optimize promotional ROI in real-time. T-Pro Analytics can be implemented in a few months, is easy to use, and is affordable. T-Pro Solutions is based in Columbus, Ohio. To learn more about T-Pro Solutions and sign up for an in-depth T-Pro Analytics trade management optimization software demonstration, visit www.t-prosolutions.com or email info (at) t-prosolutions (dot) com.