T-Pro Analytics trade promotion optimization software training will empower CPG manufacturers sales teams to grow with Walmart

New Albany, Ohio & Bentonville, Arkansas (PRWEB) June 01, 2015 – T-Pro Solutions, a leading CPG trade promotion software company, announced a partnership with 8th & Walton, offering training and joint business planning utilizing the T-Pro Analytics software platform. 8th & Walton’s training consultants provide training for suppliers to build a successful, collaborative relationship with Walmart.

In addition to training, Joint Business Planning consultants will provide suppliers with a clear strategy and roadmap on how to incorporate predictive analytics using the T-Pro Analytics platform. The partnership will give suppliers the ability to improve buyer relationships with Walmart and maximize process efficiency.

“By utilizing the T-Pro Analytics platform in our courses and business solutions training, 8th & Walton is able to effectively and efficiently re-enforce the importance of real-time information when dealing with Walmart,” said Jeff Clapper, owner and chief executive officer of 8th & Walton. “A strong sense of urgency is critical to a successful Walmart relationship, and suppliers can quickly and accurately see how their business is doing against projections and forecasts, adjusting as needed. We teach and train to solve everyday business challenges, not theory, and this platform is a very effective tool for doing the same.”

“T-Pro Solutions is extremely excited to partner with 8th and Walton to introduce their clients to the innovative T-Pro Promotion Optimization and Joint Business Planning solution. Our ultimate objective together is to develop an industry leading “Center of Business Intelligence” to help CPG companies achieve their brand and financial objectives with Wal-Mart and other retail partners, said Wayne Spencer, president and founder of T-Pro Solutions, Inc.

8th & Walton and T-Pro Solutions will be conducting a symposium on June 9th demonstrating the integration of the T-Pro Analytics predictive scenario planning and optimization functionality, into the Wal-Mart joint business planning process. The symposium will be held at the 8th & Walton corporate offices in Bentonville, Arkansas.

About T-Pro Solutions
T-Pro Solutions provides CPG clients accurate, real-time information by integrating TPM data into a user-friendly dashboard for planning, forecasting and predictive analytics. T-Pro Analytics is a cloud-based SaaS solution. By combining CPG intelligence silos, clients can optimize promotional ROI in real-time. T-Pro Analytics can be implemented in a few months, is easy to use, and is affordable. T-Pro Solutions is based in New Albany, Ohio. To learn more about T-Pro Solutions and sign up for an in-depth T-Pro Analytics trade management optimization software demonstration, visit http://www.t-prosolutions.com or email info(at)T-ProSolutions(dot)com.

About 8th & Walton
Founded in June of 2006, 8th & Walton is a Bentonville, Arkansas based supplier development company that has helped hundreds of organizations in their efforts to do business better with the world’s largest retailer. They believe that supplier teams of all sizes, based all over the world, are hungry for knowledge that can enhance their ability to analyze, manage and grow their business with Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. With more than one hundred courses currently offered, 8th & Walton is the gold standard for supplier education. Each of their courses has been developed by suppliers, for suppliers. For more information, please visit http://www.8thandwalton.com.