NEW ALBANY, OH & CHICAGO, IL (October 20, 2014)T-Pro Solutions and Saggezza have partnered to create an integrated solution that enables better trade promotion optimization for Retail-CPG enterprises. Through the combination of T-Pro Solution’s Predictive Analytics and Optimization software suite and Lube InsightsTM — Saggezza’s proprietary, cloud-based analytics platform, retail-CPG leaders can now:

  • Improve a retail-CPG enterprise’s field and corporate planning accuracy, and post-event analysis with features like predictive scenario planning.
  • Compute, store, ingest, correlate, and visualize information.
  • Receive insights that are trustworthy, timely, and relevant.
  • Increase efficiency through point-and-click data collection, a coding-free pipeline, and built-in exception and error handling.

Bringing these two “best in class” solutions together creates a solution that improves operational and trade spending efficiencies as it relates to trade promotion management. It increases speed and processing abilities, while seamlessly fitting together — resulting for one client in ROI jumping from 0% to 17%, and another client realizing a profitable volume increase of 7%.

This enterprise analytics platform can easily integrate into an enterprise’s existing trade promotion management solution, as well as other data sources, to provide real-time Retail-CPG intelligence.

Further information about this integrated solution can be found by visiting here.

About T-Pro Solutions

T-Pro Solutions provides CPG clients accurate, real-time information by integrating TPM data into a user-friendly dashboard for planning, forecasting and predictive analytics. T-Pro Analytics is a cloud-based SaaS solution. By combining CPG intelligence silos, clients can optimize promotional ROI in real-time. T-Pro Analytics can be implemented in a few months, is easy to use, and is affordable. T-Pro Solutions is based in Columbus, Ohio. To learn more about T-Pro Solutions and sign up for an in-depth T-Pro Analytics trade management optimization software demonstration, visit or email

About Saggezza

Saggezza is a global solutions provider with deep links and insights into the technologies shaping the next generation of business. We help ambitious businesses unlock the power of their enterprise data to accelerate growth and uncover opportunities. We combine software development and implementation expertise with our next-generation data analytics platform to turn our customers into data driven enterprises. We have offices in North America, Europe and Asia.