• Optimizing Outcomes: How Successful CPGs are Making the Move to TPO

    Even with the availability of increased insight, so few companies are satisfied with how they are managing trade or have a good understanding of where this investment is going.

    We had to wonder, what is standing in their way?

  • A Trade Marketer's Guide to Strategy Optimization

    As the CPG industry evolves, so too do trade promotions. But it’s more than just taking on new technological tools; It’s an evolution of strategy as well. In order to implemenent a successful evolution to trade promotions, new strategies need to be taken on that marry with advanced technology.

  • Putting the "O" in Optimization

    There is significant disparity in defining what capabilities constitute optimization and how these capabilities can drive organizational trade promotion efficiency and performance improvement. This poses an issue of misinformation for CPG companies, preventing them from adopting useful methods.

  • How to Optimize Your Trade Promotions – Start Your Journey Here

    In this paper, we examine some of the recent and key changes in the Trade Promotion Optimization/Trade Promotion Marketing arena, along with solutions to make you successful. We explain the problem, and offer a path forward for understanding the journey. Ultimately, we hope to help you believe that today’s solutions can create measurable rewards.

  • Do You Know Your BI-Q?

    In this paper we examine the dilemma of CPG manufacturers that have implemented a Business Intelligence (BI) solution, yet still do not have access to the data they need. We examine the roles across an organization in developing a working BI solution. We also discuss how to get the right information out of your BI solution at the right time, and in the right way, to form actionable insights.

  • Effectively Managing the Significant Trade Promotion Investment

    The trade promotion investment continues to approach the number one line item entry on a CPG P&L—cost of goods. The CPG sector is mature and the average annual trade promotion investment is averaging 20% of a CPG manufacturer’s gross revenue. Compounding this significant pain point is the fact that more than 40% of the estimated $175B trade promotion investment never reaches the consumer.

  • Gaining the Information/ Intelligence Advantage via Trade Promotion Optimization

    In this article we discuss the root causes of the CPG industry’s lack of progress on meaningful collaboration between retailers and manufacturers. Although collaboration is a stated goal, the implementation of this objective has been difficult to execute.

    Trade spending, the “Silent Killer of CPG Profit Margins,” has placed the CPG sector at a crossroads. Mature CPG sector profit margins have eroded significantly for both the retailer and manufacturer. Trade spend in the past two decades, as a percentage of CPG manufacturer revenue, has doubled. The average trade spend in the sector has reached 23% of gross revenue with less than 60% reaching the intended consumer target.

  • A Guide to Choosing a TPM/TPO Platform

    The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is changing at a rapid pace. Consumers are making choices faster and are armed with more information. This means that CPG marketing and sales teams need to keep pace, and it’s impossible to do so without a technology tool that provides real-time, actionable insights and intelligence. Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) software platforms can be effective tools for improving team efficiency and return on investment. These platforms can automate the time-consuming, manual tasks associated with TPO/TPM (trade promotion management), while improving productivity, campaign performance and collaboration.


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