Rather than the endless trial-and-error, T-Pro Optimum runs through all the merchandising possibilities in seconds to achieve the optimal promotional event or mix aligned with your goals.

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Event Optimization

Calendar Optimization

Opportunity Finder

Take the guess work out of your event creation by inputting known constraints and letting the historical and predictive models work to identify the best promotion to run to achieve your goals.

Key benefits:

  • Create a library of optimized what-if scenarios
  • Quantify manufacturer and retailer ROI and KPIs
  • Optimize for revenue, profit or volume

You have a plan, but is it the best plan? Will you remain within budget and achieve your desired outcome? What are your other options?

With the ability to pull from a library of optimized events, T-Pro Optimum’s Calendar Optimization feature will use constraint-based modeling to design a plan that is optimized for revenue, profit and volume.

Key benefits:

  • Uncover the optimal promotional mix by SKU, product group, or customer
  • Apply constraint-based modeling to achieve maximum results within budget
  • Integrate optimized plans into existing TPM or planning tool
  • Eliminate redundant entry
  • Monitor future health with accurate predictive visualizations

Not all planning is done when building your annual plan and the ability to be agile and pivot when opportunity arises is key to an organization’s success.

T-Pro Optimum’s Opportunity Finder eliminates the guess work when looking to identify the best way to allocate unanticipated trade spending by tactic, customer, or product to achieve a desired revenue, profit or volume result.

Key Benefits:

  • User-defined constraints
  • Consider multiple tactic and investment mixes
  • See real-time projected results
Explore Deeper:

“The thing that separated T-Pro for us was and that was most helpful in improving our overall profitability is their optimization feature. The usability of this tool stands above what we have seen in the industry.”

Director of Finance

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