Analytics initiatives are driving change in CPG organizations. The ability to turn this intelligence into measurable actions at a granular will bring trade promotion to the next level.

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Instead of simply relying on what you did last year, empower your sales and trade marketing teams with the ability to create a library of approved events using T-Pro’s powerful what-if scenario planner.

Use historical and predictive lift-coefficients to calculate projected consumption allowing you to test multiple scenarios to align with company and retailer objectives. Couple this ability with the real-time calculation of forward buy and manufacturer and retailer KPIs and you have a powerful and easy-to-use tool to take a proactive revenue management approach to your trade promotion planning.

Key benefits:

  • Accurate consumption based planning from pre-populated baselines
  • Predictive and Historical lift measure access
  • Automated forward buy calculation utilizing Consumption to Purchase Index (CPI)
  • Full Manufacturer and Retailer profit recap of event

You will be able to easily build and view customer promotional plans for the desired planning cycle by leveraging a library of “what-if” scenarios. While building the promotion calendar, you will get real-time visibility to key metrics for the customer rolled up against the respective budget objectives. In addition, the calendar can be constructed to include consumer event overlays, a detailed hover view of planned events and a hover view of predicted non-promoted base volume.

Key benefits:

  • Read/Write integration with TPM
  • Eliminate redundant entry
  • Approved scenarios populated in calendar builder
  • Selected scenarios roll-up to view key planning KPI’s
  • EDLP/base turn volume automatically calculated when key scenarios are selected
  • Easy date population of selected events
  • Complete calendar view with consumer overlay and base turn business (hover view of key details)

It’s one thing to predict the outcome of a single event, but it is something more powerful to turn this insight into a comprehensive overview of your trade promotion program.

T-Pro’s Trade Calendar allows you to see roll ups by customer, category or product with the ability to hover over individual events to see predicted performance KPIs. This view also overlays planned consumer events, EDLPs, and non-promoted weeks to show the entire promotions picture.

Key Benefits:

  • Rollup promotions visibility sortable by user-defined roll
  • Ease-of-access to future promotional KPIs at event or plan level
  • Centralized reporting of trade plans and higher-level performance measurers

Sharing key insights with stakeholders starts with the ability to organize data into useable segments appropriate for internal and external audiences. T-Pro provides you with flexible report measures, allowing you to quickly build reports and gain valuable insight to answer key business question.

Key benefits:

  • Planned and Actual Trade metrics along with industry POS measures and meaningful KPI’s
  • Event level or line item product level review
Explore Deeper:

“It offers strong planning through really crisp hovers, the ability to drag a scenario into the plan, and a pop-up of appropriate entry details based on what is being optimized. Based on multiple demos we have had with the solution, we believe that most anybody could learn the solution and begin
using it in less than half a day.”

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